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A Beauticians Diet

A Haistylists Diet.

I bet most working people get a lunch break. I would even bet further that there could be another “break” in the standard 8-hour workday.

Please don’t think that I’m going to whine and complain about not getting a lunch break here.

On a perfect day a 20 or 30 minute chunk of time can get blocked off for a meal, but RARELY do I’ve personally eaten at weird times just to get some nourishment. Somethings take longer than I thought or booked time for, or a client is held up in traffic. This is how we get derailed!

We, hairstylists, are pleasers, so if you call and want to sneak in earlier- we make it happen. Even if it means eating while we are mixing your color and ALMOST putting the color brush in our mouths instead of the food! I can’t make this up.

As I am getting older I can’t go as long without food. Personally, hunger is a real thing for me. I remember in my twenties I would forget to eat a meal and be unaffected. Those days are GONE. I try to eat regularly to offset the awful hunger pangs and to avoid my clients feeling or sensing I’m off.

The day in the life of a stylist is kindly brought to you from my heart and experiences that have spanned from years of practicing my craft.

If you want the honest truth, I get so engrossed with my work I truly forget to eat. So if you are in the salon and you hear me say I’m starving- clear a path I’m like a bear in the woods!

Have patience with your stylist he/she is surely doing the best they know-how. You being 10 or 15 mins late Is sometimes the only reprieve we get to eat!

I have found over the years everything works for the best. Funny how food is a necessity we overlook and take for granted until it’s not available!

Let’s all eat and be merry!

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