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How to get better Hair Drying results from home!

How to blow dry hair like a hair salon

Do you want to throw your brush across the room in frustration while attempting to blow dry your hair? Whether you are trying to achieve silky smooth straight hair or volume, it looks easier than it is. You could seriously put out your shoulder!

It’s impossible for you to get the same leverage we stylists achieve because we are standing behind you at arm’s distance. Wouldn’t it be nice to take your head off and put it on the counter so you could get the same result we do? That’s silly. Desperation makes me think out of the box though!

I want to share a couple of pointers to help you get a better result while blow drying at home.

*Always towel blot excess moisture from your hair before adding your styling product. Excess moisture dilutes the product and it won’t be as effective.

*Always use a heat protectant while blow-drying. Use the nozzle that comes with the blow dryer! It protects your hair from the hot coils in the dryer.

*Layer your products. To achieve fullness start with heat protection, then for volume use a mousse.

For smoothness start with heat protection and a smoothing cream (some smoothing creams have heat protection already in the formula.)

*When trying to achieve volume, blow-dry by flipping your head upside down. When underneath is dry, flip back upright and do the top pulling hair up and away from the scalp.

*When trying to achieve smoothness clip your hair up in sections. Start from the underneath pulling down thin enough sections to blow dry, keeping the nozzle of the dryer pointed down towards the floor. It will smooth the cuticle of the hair better than fanning the blow dryer all over the room.

There is another option, that is to come in and get a blow-dry once a week, or for a special event. We offer blow dry specials when you get 4 blowouts, the fifth is free!

No need to lose your head over it, but practice does make perfect.

Hope to see you for a blow out soon!

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