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What is an Awesome haircut?

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Great hair styles with two Bella Bella Salon clients.

Sounds silly? Actually, unless you’ve had a bad haircut, how you would really know the difference? I’ve had my share of wanting only 2 inches off but unwillingly receiving 5 inches off instead. Thank God hair is a natural resource. It just doesn’t grow back as fast as it gets cut off.

Sure, the techniques are so satisfying to perform! Razoring, point cutting, notching, slide cutting, even a crisp blunt cut is rewarding! Knowing what cutting technique to implement to achieve the look is our skill. We rarely do the same cut twice in one day because you have to adjust the technique for the texture and thickness of each client.

We all have been out and admired someone’s hair thinking that would look good on us. You may have even discretely shot a picture from your phone to bring to your stylist. I absolutely love when my clients show me inspirational photos. It helps me see what they see.

We at Bella~Bella Salon encourage change. We appreciate building relationships with our clients. Learning what you like and incorporating it to work for you, that’s what it is all about. We have clients who start with a shoulder-length bob and get a pixie. Only to grow it out. We schedule every 6 weeks an adjustment haircut appointment to seamlessly grow it out with minimal hair awkwardness until you reach your goal.

There are some haircuts I’m not too anxious to see a return. You guessed it, the mullet. In the 1980s every young man had his version of business in the front and a party in the back. We even PERMED that party in the back! If you can’t remember the look, I’m sure your dad or uncle may share a photo. Or maybe not!

At the end of the day, we all need a stylist who is invested in how we look. A stylist who consults with you. Who genuinely wants to please you. You need to feel that what you want to achieve with your hair can happen, or if professionally it cannot happen.

This is what I pride myself and my team at Bella~Bella. We have a strong desire to please you. There is no reason why AWESOME hair shouldn’t be yours every day.

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