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The balance between quality and price.

The difference between hair salon quality an price.

We all do it.

We go to the website of either a restaurant or a clothing store, or a hair salon, to see the price range.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it unless it’s out of your price range., then, can’t help but feel rejected and wonder what it must be like to have enough money to get that high quality “whatever it is” your searching for.

Wouldn’t it be nice if paying a higher price insured you received good quality? I have been on the receiving end for both good and bad. I have spent a lot on a pair of shoes, and still, wear them four years later and the workmanship has proven to hold up. If only all things could be as consistent as an amazing pair of handmade Italian shoes.

Let’s apply this theory to hair salon pricing. I’m sure you see those $8.00 haircut signs. Those stylists performing their skill at that low price have to work fast and hard to make their quota at the end of the day. Chances are there are awesome stylists working at those establishments, but I guarantee you are in and out pretty quick. There may not be free coffee, snacks, and bottled water while you wait or tapping into their WiFi. It’s all good, people choose what vibe they like and that is why the world goes around.

How does a hair salon come up with their prices?

I’ll let you in on my thinking.

There is a formula for what a hair salon has to take in to make a profit. There is rent, inventory, taxes, insurance, and salaries to pay. The bottom line has to be profitable or how can a hair salon stay in business?

The truth is, there are so many factors that influence the pricing you can’t just narrow it down to one thing. Where the salon is located has something to do with the pricing. The experience of the stylist plays a part as well. The quality of the color being used is a huge factor in the pricing of color services. Believe me, the whole hair salon vibe has a value. You are paying for so many facets of your salon experience that you should be treated like gold!

I hope I have opened your mind to a little bit of information that will help you understand how we place value on our services.

You can take this to the bank, cheap hair is never a good idea. We have also seen women who pay a lot for bad hair color. You can’t hide bad hair. Sadly in some cases, it doesn’t go well after spending a ton of money on color. Some salons won’t fix it free of charge.

Bella~Bella Hair Salon has a policy, if you leave and decide you don’t like your hair, you must come back in as soon as possible. We will fix it free of charge. We come in early or stay late to accommodate any unhappy client. This doesn’t happen often at all, but rest assured if it does it’s fixed pronto!

All these nuances are what you are paying for. Most importantly your relationship with your stylist should be priceless. Sometimes I feel bad to even charge anything because it is so much fun to make everyone feel beautiful. Money just messes everything up!

....Maybe we will go back to bartering! Hah!

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