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What kind of Hair Salon is this?

Even though I own a salon I like to go to other salons as a secret shopper and see what other salons offer. I have managed to do this everywhere I have traveled. I always get a shampoo and blow out. By the end of my appointment, I always reveal that I am a stylist and it always ends with a chuckle.

In my efforts what I am searching for is how to make my salon better. I often notice the dynamics in salons hugely differ.

In my experience, I can’t help but notice how different every salon visit was. I have about 20 secret shopper visits under my belt. There is a definite VIBE when you enter a salon! Some salons are very professional and make you feel like you are in a doctor's office. Some salons don’t receive you at all, and you wait until someone wonders why your there even though I scheduled an appointment! Once I get back to the shampoo area that’s when I expect to get my socks blown off, and most times I have to admit the shampoo was fabulous. Now on to the blow-dry. Usually, the shampooist is not who blow drys the hair, so in that case, I tip her and wait to meet my stylist.

Here is where it gets REAL. Most hairstylists are pleasant and make the small talk we all enjoy. For me, once the blow dryer starts I try not to talk since it is difficult to hear. That’s when I watch the room so to speak. I watch the way everyone interacts. I believe you can learn more by watching people’s actions. Actions speak louder than words is my motto. I have to admit my hobby is people watching, not just in the salon but EVERYWHERE I go. By watching people I learn to be a better person myself. Please understand I am not judging people. I try to come away to give a better experience for my salon, and in my own life as well.

Whatever type of atmosphere you are looking for in a salon experience there are so many to choose from in our area. I have been in sophisticated salons and not so sophisticated. I have felt like I was in a library and almost fell asleep. I’ve been in chatty salons where everyone from the staff is talking to each other so much I felt excluded from my service.

This is what makes the hair industry so challenging for the salon owner. I can’t control how my stylists interact with their clients. I can’t even control the vibe, we are blessed, it just happens at Bella-Bella. We try to achieve a positive atmosphere, being aware of that, makes it happen for us seamlessly.

One thing I can end on is I think laughter and upbeat people make for a great salon experience. Bella-Bella has a reputation for being upbeat, and a tad naughty. We are very respectful to all. Kirsten, Dennis, and I are like family. We often get asked if our clients can come to just hang out. Because of the open floor plan you can see and hear everything at Bella-Bella. I must admit from Europe, Canada, and 15 of the United States I’ve traveled, I believe I brought something from every shop I ever visited to create a unique salon that is my favorite place in the world to work in!❤️

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