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How to do a quick hair color when you can't get to the Salon!

So, here we are almost two months without a hair salon that’s open insight. Most of my client's schedule to come in for gray coverage every 3 to 4 weeks. Needless to say, we all look and feel unkempt. Some of us are embracing our silver streaks, and some of us not so much.

I’m going to first start with why I don’t sell my Redken color to clients. It’s illegal to sell professional hair color to anyone who is not licensed. I have to show my license to buy it from my distributor. Redken or my insurance provider will not back me if I sell you a kit to mix at home, and you all of a sudden become allergic that day, or your cat or dog eats it, or a child gets it in their eyes, or you do. If you are compelled to dye your hair at home, please go to a drugstore and purchase it there, those companies are licensed and insured to sell to the public. I will guide you on what to choose. That’s all I can do liability wise. I am sorry.

So let’s talk about what you can do to help disguise your roots without using dyes.

My favorite go-to is eyeshadow, medium brown or dark brown/black. Sounds crazy? Trust me on this. I have been covering my roots like a dead body for 29 years. When I can’t get an appointment (yes, even though I own a salon I can’t always fit it in) I turn to eyeshadow. Clairol actually makes a hair powder kit in several shades. You can find it at any drugstore in the hair color aisle. Next to the powders are spray-on dyes, which is my second choice.

The sprays are sticky and can make your scalp itch. Except for L’Oréal Colorista, I discovered it in silver to blend my gray and reveal how I would look in the future if I let it continue to grow. The only problem is it transfers on to hands and combs and brushes.

The options above are for depositing color. Lifting color to make your root lighter is not something I would recommend doing at home. You can end up with the root too bright. That would look very unnatural.

If you take notice of a child with blonde hair, it is darker at the root, lighter on the ends. That is why a blonde should smudge her root with a light brown, It will give an ombré effect. A brunette should match her brown as close as possible, or a tad darker at the root, just to get you through this lockdown. I have also mixed red and brown together to create an auburn effect.

These options are just to get you through this rough patch. Professional hair color should be left to the professionals.

I would LOVE for everyone to please be patient and wait for us to reopen. Doing anything drastic at home could lead to needlessly spending money to correct a color mishap.

On a lighter note, if you wear a scarf, and you have a mask on, no one will know who you are anyway!

Stay positive and remember your beauty comes from within.

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