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Looking for Hair Treatments? We have You covered!

Olaplex Hair Salon Treatments

Don’t we all want to slather on special secret hair treatments and emerge with luxurious locks? It’s not so far fetched as you would think compared to hair treatments of years ago.

The first treatment I had ever heard of in 1974 was a VO5 hot oil treatment. You heated it up and in 30 mins you had...OILY HAIR. After shampooing it out 500 times your hair was drier and stripped of its natural luster than when you started.

By 1981 when I entered Maison De Paris Beauty School not much had changed in hair treatments. There was this “tub” of “Wella Kolesteral” that Miss Noviack swore was the cure-all for over-processed hair. I couldn’t get past the texture. I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise, like I said above, washing it out over and over to get the hair clean seemed pointless.

Little did I know in just a few months I would get hired at Magic Hair in West Deptford. Here my boss George Strano, who worked for Redken and his salon was a test salon for Redken, was where I would be introduced to a scientific system patented by Redken called Tricho Analysis.

Tricho Analysis is a technical system where you cut 7 hairs off your client. You then thread them into a sophisticated sewing machine looking contraption and it stretches the hair until it snaps. A number appears with each strand that snapped. You then do an average of the numbers. There you have a total of where the hair falls health-wise. The chart would compute your total to show if the hair was lacking moisture or protein. Then a Redken treatment was used to CURE the deficiency. Notice no oil or cholesterol was mentioned here. I found the cure and have never turned my back on Redken for 40 years. Until now...

Enter the new game-changer: OLAPLEX! This is a patented system. There are others who have tried to duplicate this bond strengthener, and I have experimented with them all and go back to the one and only Olaplex. In a nutshell, this product strengthens the disulfide bonds in the hair. Visualize within your hair strand there is a chain, and the links are reinforced to prevent snapping due to coloring, bleaching, perming and hot tools. I heard a choir of angels singing when I discovered this product.

If you are looking for a treatment for your hair and you are serious about it, reach out to us at Bella~Bella Hair Salon. We’ll let you have a side of mayo for a sandwich, not your tresses!

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