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The secret to feeling good about Yourself

Hair Salon Secrets to feeling good about yourself

Guessing that we all have days that we don’t feel 100 percent on top of the world, I want to challenge you during this read to dig deep and find a visual that makes you reset how we can think positively about how we feel about ourselves. In other words, I want to make something click in your mind.

For me, it starts with how I remember my paternal grandmother wrapping her hair in a scarf to go work in the garden, then milk her goats and make her fresh ricotta. This woman never wore makeup, but always wore a dress and looked presentable and poised and put together even as she worked outside in a dress!

My mother always worked outside of the home and either wore a nurse’s uniform or dressed very fashionable buying her clothes from Lane Bryant. I got my love of shoes from her. When my mother was home and cooked, even for big holiday meals she always wore an attractive apron and looked presentable, poised, and put together.

Two extremely totally different women here. Not a mother and daughter. Both had a strong desire to look their best in any given situation. I believe that’s the secret.

In the morning when you wash your face and brush your teeth, and comb your hair, it starts there. Contemplating the tasks for the day ahead, and preparing yourself physically and mentally for what’s coming is the key. Look the part so to speak.

Of course, we all don’t like what we see in the mirror every day. Maybe a couple of extra pounds or we recognize we need a touch-up or some foils, even a hair cut to distract us from our fine lines or whatever we see in the mirror that disappoints us. (I’m here to help you with the hair issues) it goes further than hair though...

It’s all about getting yourself ready. Looking presentable, feeling put together and poised. I have repeated those three things to help make a mental picture so that you can reset yourself, that is if you need to!

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