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How does an election year affect your Hair Salon?

Politics in the Hair Salon

We are taught the Holy Trinity in Cosmetology School. Do not discuss sex, politics, or religion in the Hair Salon.

So how can it be that most of our conversations in the salon somehow end up on those three topics?

The truth being said, we are human and those three topics are the core of who we are. Not so much the politics in my case, honestly. Which takes me to the effect an election year has in the salon.

I have never had a President of the United States tell me I am rich, and that I don’t have to go to work, so I don’t think he or she is my boss. I am the master of my own destiny as far as work goes due to living in the USA! If you can’t make it here you can’t make it anywhere is my motto. I don’t care what party wins I go to work regardless. I believe we are privileged to be born Americans.

Doesn’t all that sound awesome? Well, all you need is an election year and your head will blow off your shoulders listening to people argue about both parties. All day long even as hard as I try and change the subject it reverts back to politics. UGH.

I had a woman tell me if she thought I voted for a certain President she would no longer come to my salon.



I will share that I had two older ladies call each other names over a President that was elected. I was so scared I hid in the bathroom until it blew over. They didn’t let up, so I refreshed my hair and makeup until they gave in.

I wish I could say that it doesn’t affect me, but it does. I am the silly one that wishes we could all get along. What a novel idea It would be, that we all could love our own political parties and not get so angry that we resort to calling each other names?

I will tell you I am registered as an Independent. I loved Jimmy Carter and voted for Ronald Regan. I am the middle of the road kind of voter. I see the good and bad in all Presidents elected. They are human.

My 88 year old father who left Fascist Italy, then lived in Socialism in Canada until he became an American Citizen said it best. The left and the right-wing are all part of the same bird, politicians hold hands behind your back to get the votes...wise words.

It doesn’t cost a cent to be kind to one another. Especially in an election year.


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