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Our Hair Salon may have a better way...if your gray!

Our Hair Salon has a better way if your gray.

So, here you are looking in the mirror after three months of not getting your hair colored and realizing you have the most beautiful silver streaks. You can’t help but think it ages you. (it does) Maybe you’re thinking you want to enhance your silver with foils and make a fashion statement, in an attempt not to go to the hair salon as frequently. The biggest issue with this endeavor is that you look unkempt as it’s growing out. Unless you’re willing to get a very short haircut to remove the colored hair- which most people are not.

It is so interesting how we all have a different pattern of gray. Some people have it only at the temple. Some people have it only on the top of their part line and nowhere else. Some people are salt and pepper all over. Very rarely some have no dark hairs and are completely snow white! Allowing 3 or 4 inches of regrowth to happen (thanks to the lockdown) gives me a great vision of how your gray pattern will manifest. The thought of adding a foil here and there to nudge Mother Nature along is what I live and breathe for.

As a hair colorist, the sky is the limit with techniques on how to blend gray. With the introduction of Olaplex (a bond strengthener), we can bleach out the hair to almost silver pushing the ticket a little further. Bleach has a residual effect on the hair. Even using the best hair products, the hair is comprised to get to that level of lightness to blend with your natural silver that only God can create!

Lowlights are my favorite remedy for blending gray. I use a Redken color that fades out and doesn’t damage your hair.

I follow many hair geniuses that specialize in only blending gray. This is a new rage. Especially post quarantine. Honestly, I have stayed up way too late regularly watching live Instagram (because these artists are all over the globe with time changes and all) that I need to nap!

I gained a lot of knowledge on this time locked down. If you are interested in experimenting with your gray, you are coming to the right place since I am toying with the same idea!

Stay tuned...

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