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Why are Hair Salons normally closed on Mondays?

Why are Hair Salons closed on Mondays?

How about a little history lesson?

Today being Labor Day and it always falls on a Monday doesn’t feel much like a day off for me since the last 40 years of my life I have been off on Mondays. Memorial Day also is another Monday holiday that doesn’t phase me as a day off...That is until Covid19 became a thing and I worked more Mondays than I care to think of!

While researching why Hair Salons are closed on Sunday and Monday, I discovered there was actually a Barber’s Union that mandated two days off a week for barbers. The council voted on the days to be chosen and designated Sunday and Monday where mandatory days off.

Now, that information makes my little head spin off my shoulders. First I never knew we had a union, none the less a council who voted for our rights. Who are they, do they exist now? The answer is a flat out no. I cannot even find information on this Union.

I have always wanted to start a Union for Cosmetology. I feel especially strong about this after being shut down for 3 months during the pandemic. I struggle with the FACT that I have been paying 40 years for two licenses that represent I passed the state board of New Jersey for sanitation and consumer affairs. I see no grocery store or building material store or casino using Barbicide and taking temperatures as we enter. The salons are.

I ponder all this on Labor Day, a day of respect for America’s working class. I have never been more proud to be American during this pandemic. I am proud of how resourceful we all had to become. This is a sad time for many who’s family or friends were lost due to this virus. For those of us who endured and conquered this so far have earned great respect in my eyes.

I believe in hard work, and knowing the poor house is right around the corner (an old Italian saying) keeps me working hard and saving.

If your reading this and you work or are semi-retired, or retired I believe having a purpose and being productive is the key to a healthy life. I am proud to be in the working class. Even if in the future when I’m aged, I will love Labor Day and the good memories of being a hard-working American girl.🇺🇸

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