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How Hairstylists should be looking out for you!

If my memory serves me correctly there was a Seinfeld episode about ducking your hairstylist or barber after receiving a haircut. I remember the show vaguely. I get the vibe of all the things that could go through your mind. I assume you’re thinking your hairstylist would notice? (we do) and if our feelings would be hurt? (sometimes).

Sometimes leaving your stylist is necessary because you relocate. Most other times it’s because you desire to change hairstylists and there shouldn’t be any awkwardness. Believe me, your hairstylist knows when you aren’t both meshing. It is no secret. It is just like any other relationship. We all learn to move on.

What is more interesting to me during this pandemic is what I am calling “poachers.”

These are licensed (or maybe not licensed) stylists who are doing hair either in their home or at yours. In the state of New Jersey if you hold a cosmetology license you are only permitted to do hair in a licensed establishment. That establishment is inspected by the state in order to control the spread of infection. That was the law BEFORE this pandemic. All the more reason to be leery of entering someone’s home or yours now. There is a report of one stylist infecting over 80 clients. Now that community is back in quarantine for 2 weeks.

At this time I have received four certifications on COVID19. Those certifications will be hanging on the wall at Bella~Bella along with Kirsten’s and Dennis’s. This is to ensure you of your safety and ours. During this time of desperateness, I understand people are anxious about a lot of things. If money is an issue for this hairstylist, you could always donate the money to him or her, and wait until a certified salon reopens.

These times are like no other we have seen unless you are over 100 years old. Patience during this time is crucial, for your own health, the health of your family, and the community.

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