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We are not just a Hair Salon...We are a Team!

Hair Salon Shampoo Assistant washing hair

You must admit one of the best parts of a hair salon visit is the shampoo. From the front desk receiving you, to the shampoo and check out, and booking your next appointment, our assistants are an integral part of your visit.

Back in the 1960s, a shampoo assistant needed no schooling. Normally it was a woman who enjoyed some girl time folding towels and sweeping up and shampooing. These gals worked for tips and where the behind the scenes, the backbone of the hair salon. Not much has changed. Except now in the state of New Jersey cosmetology schooling of at least 600 hours is mandatory to practice shampooing.

I remember shampooing at the age of 19. I proudly took my first position earning a whopping $2.65 an hour plus tips. I remember feeling I had the world at my fingertips. Literally I did!

Assisting is a right of passage to become a stylist. Most salons require 2 years of assisting before you can go on to the floor. In that time period, you learn the ropes. You learn how to blot and neutralize a permanent wave, and familiarize yourself with everything on the back bar. Rinsing color and removing foils is another level of expertise you must master. This is all in preparation for when you acquire your own clients.

The hair industry has changed over the years, but I know one thing that hasn’t. We count on and depend on our assistants.

To end this without showing honor and respect for assistants everywhere, I

fondly want to tell the tale of Gilda, also known as my right hand 20 years ago. Gilda had the stamina of an athlete when it came to assisting, she knew what I needed before I did. She was in her 70’s when I hired her, she worked with me until she passed. Her work ethic has yet to be matched.

After reading this I hope you appreciate your shampoo girl/guy. Please never be afraid to correct them on the water temperature or how hard you like your scrubbing. This is their job, and they rely on your honesty.

Other than your doctor, we are the only industry left that physically touches you.

There are so many intricacies that go into running a hair salon well...Please allow us to make your hair salon experience a pleasant one!

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